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Conference Presentations

PCC TCN overview presentation at the ADBC Summit, October 2, 2018

Video of the above presentation by PI Carl Rothfels

Presentation at Botany 2019 by PI Carl Rothfels

Education and Outreach 

The Hand Lens articles written by Mirielle Lopez-Guzman, New York Botanical Garden

IDigBio Biodiversity Spotlight by Selena Smith, Robyn Burnham, and Garth Holman from University of Michigan

PterrificPteridophytes by Carol Ann McCormack, Curator, UNC Herbarium

What’s in a Name? Hopefully more than just initials… by Carol Ann McCormack, Curator, UNC Herbarium

Ferns & Lycophytes of the BRIT Herbarium by Tiana Franklin Rehman, BRIT Herbarium Collections Manager

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