Fiddleheads: Fern life cycles and identification workshop videos available

In February, Project PI Carl Rothfels hosted an online mini-workshop for the Jepson Herbarium: Fiddleheads: Fern life cycles and identification. The workshop was recorded and the videos from the workshop are available here:

Workshop description:
We will cover the foundations of fern biology including what makes a fern a fern and how to “speak fern”—what are the important features for identifying ferns, and how do we describe them. We will then broadly introduce particular groups of ferns, with a focus on the species most commonly encountered in California, and close with an introduction to resources that are useful for people interested in pursuing their pteridological interests.

This mini-workshop series was subsidized with an award from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. More information about the Jepson Workshop program can be found at

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