Updating Snapshot Collections in the Pteridoportal

Updating snapshots in the Pteridophyte portal (http://pteridoportal.org)

1) Log in and go to the Administration Control Panel for your collection.

Sitemap -> Data Management Tools -> Collections -> List of collections you have permissions to edit -> click on the name of the collection you want to edit.

2) Click on “Import/Update Specimen Records” in the Administration Control Panel box.

3) Click on “Saved Import Profiles”

4) Check the box for the correct import profile. (As of August 2019, most collections that have been uploaded only have one import profile. You can always click the pencil [edit link] to see more details about that profile.)

5) If you’re sure you have the right profile, click the “Initialize Upload…” button.

6) On the next page (may have to wait a bit), click on the “Start Upload” button. Do not change any of the settings on that page! The correct profile for importing your collection has already been created and saved. For example, the profile already contains a filter so only ferns are imported from your collection.

7) On the next page, you’ll see the Upload Status. If you have a lot of records, the upload could take a while to finish. Otherwise it’s fairly fast.

8) Look at the box that says “Pending Data Transfer Report”. It will tell you how many records it found to add/update. You can click on one of the little icons to view some of the records. Do this!

9) If your records look good, click the “Transfer Records to Central Specimen Table” button. Click OK when you’re asked if you’re sure.

10) When the records are finished loading, go back to the Administration Control Panel for your collection.

11) Click on “Update Statistics.” This will update the numbers that display with your collection information.

12) Data Cleaning. We recommend that you check the taxonomy of the data just uploaded. We will have more information about that soon. We are still working on improving our central thesaurus.