PCC Kicks it off at ADBC Summit 2018

Members of the Pteridophyte Collections Consortium (PCC) attended the 2018 ADBC Summit hosted by iDigBio at the University of Florida in Gainesville in early October. The summits provide a venue for awardees of NSF’s Advancing the Digitization of Biological Collections Thematic Collections Network (TCN) grants to join together to learn about the new TCN projects, meet the iDigBio staff, share digitization best practices, lessons learned from retired and ongoing digitization projects, and learn about improvements in imaging, workflows, data and collections management. The PCC is one of 23 TCNs to date that have been funded by NSF. Our goal is to digitize ~1.6 million fossil and extant pteridophyte specimens housed in our 36 participating institutions.

Carl Rothfels (right) leading discussion in our PCC group meeting Day 1 of ADBC Summit in Gainesville, FL.

Joyce Gross (PCC portal manager) and Margaret Landis (Sam Noble Museum, OK) discussing all things IT.

Click here to see the ADBC Summit 2018 presentations introducing the new TCNs. The PCC presentation by Carl Rothfels (Lead PI) of the University of California-Berkeley starts at the 59:00 minute mark on the video.

A fitting end to Day 1.

Carl introducing the PCC to the ADBC community on Day 2 of the Summit.


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